The app that locates the fish – and recognizes it for you

 Did you hear about the new app everyone is talking about? Fiskher makes it easy to become a better angler.

Have you ever experienced the excitement of the fishing rod pulling, you reel in a big fish – but then you’re not quite sure what kind of fish you caught?

The more experienced and skilled you feel, the more fun it gets. And even more fun when you know what kind of fish you actually caught, a smiling Jeanett Brudeseth Bersås says.

Fish recognition

Jeanett herself can tell the different species apart even before she has them reeled in. But then again, she is more experienced than most people. If it were up to her, the recreational angler from Odda would be fishing every single day.

This summer she is testing a new tool in the pursuit of fish. She has been working on quality assuring the new app, fiskher, which has already been downloaded more than 135.000 times.

– The app is amazing. It makes the fishing trip even more fun, even for me, a complete fishing nerd. Not only does the app show you where to fish for what and how to do it, but it also recognizes what type of fish you caught. Just look, Jeanett says, and snaps a photo of the fish she just caught.

– It’s pollack. The app is 99 percent sure it is pollack, and I am even more sure. Besides, it was caught at a spot where there is a lot of pollacks, Jeanett tells.

Locates the fish for you

With a spot for pollack, she means that it is an area where pollack is typically found. The app has a map with 45.000 great areas for fishing along the entire Norwegian coastline.

– Fiskher is developed by some of the country’s most experienced anglers. Using advanced maps and knowledge about topography and the fish’s biotopes, they have managed to map out the best chances for the users off the app to catch fish. In the app they have revealed the hidden gems for a total of 16 different fish species, from Lindesnes in the south, to Honningsvåg in the north. Not only do they know where to catch the fish, they also know how to catch the fish, she says.

– The app also includes tips on everything from technique to fishing gear. You can read about the different species and watch videos on how to catch the fish you want. You can log your catches, share them with your friends, and see what your friends have caught. You even get cooking tips for preparing the fish you caught. Fiskher is a unique tool, that makes you feel like you are on a fishing trip with an expert, only in the form of an app, she says.

A favourite amongst the users

Jeanett is not the only one who loves the app. After it launched in AppStore and Google Play in 2020, the app has been one of the most downloaded apps. The feedback from the users has been overwhelmingly positive.

– It has exceeded all expectations! We knew we had a great product, because we developed the app the same way we would have wanted someone else to develop it, but this was way beyond what we could have hoped for. Every day we get feedback from people who are using the app, telling us how much they love it. Not only are they catching more fish, but they are also telling us that they are having an overall better fishing experience. That is what matters the most to us, Asgeir Alvestad, co-founder of fiskher, says.

Being one of Norway’s most merited competitive angler, Asgeir has caught 149 different species of fish, the most ever in Norway. He is especially excited that the app works for both new and experienced anglers.

– We developed the app with everybody in mind; from the person who has not been fishing in years, but is thinking about starting again, to the parents who want to take their children fishing, but really don’t know anything about fishing. The person who is a frequent fisher, to the person who only fish once a year. And for the people like us – who cannot get enough of fishing; wanting more challenges, experience new areas to fish in, and new species to catch. Fiskher is for everyone, according to Alvestad.

The summer of 2021 the app will launch a new feature for inland fishing, and the app will also be available in Denmark and Sweden.

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