Fredrik Harbot

Fredrik Harbot

The 33-year-old fisherman and chiropractor is widely known for his unique ability to land giant fish. He is already considered one of Europe’s best and most complete anglers and has experienced more than most other anglers.

Apart from fishing, he is also one of Europe’s most active writers, and content producers on social media. He has participated in many of Europe’s major fishing competitions, including Zander Pro, YPC, and Predator Tour – to name a few. Fredrik or “Freddy” as he is called in the fishing community, is known for many custom fishing products and as a “brand ambassador” for several of the world’s largest equipment manufacturers – and now also for us at Fiskher.

Naturally, he mostly targets the three predators and the competition fish; perch, pike, and zander, but Fredrik likes to travel, and has fished around the world. He sees joy in hunting all types of predator fish in salt and fresh water. Fredrik’s contribution to developing the German version of the Fiskher app, producing and quality-assured fishing spots, is truly giving the app the professionalism we want to provide German anglers

Marc Ptacovsky Perch

Marc Ptacovsky

Marc is one of Europe’s most winning anglers, and one of few who can call himself a world champion! Among a number of impressive results in Europe’s and the world’s largest fishing tournaments, he has managed to win the world championship twice. First as FIPSed World Champion in 2014 and then as a World Predator Classic Champion in 2021.

When he is not fishing, he works in the fishing industry as a salesman for some of Europe’s most renowned brands. He lives on the road and knows what it means to constantly fish in new and unknown areas. One of the many things he likes with the Fiskher app, is how easy it is to find good fishing spots for all kinds of anglers, wherever they are. 

Marc is working to raise the app’s overall level, and will be an important contributor to the further development of the app and the completion of water and sea in Germany. As he himself says about the app – Less time to search – more time to fish!

Max Guder

Max is a young, ambitious angler who is fully committed to predatory fishing. With a well-known profile on social media as a part of the popular trio at harz_fishing, he is making a name for himself in the German fishing scene by targeting big fishes from the bank. 

The student from Göttingen not only spends a lot of time on the water, but also collaborates with some big brands in the fishing industry. Max is a big-bait fanatic, who sometimes walks as much as 20 kilometers to catch big fish, and is never too shy to put on his waders, to fish in lakes or spots where few have fished before. 

We are very proud to have Max on our team, and his eagerness to make the app better in his own «backyard» is amazing. He understands how important the next generation is for the future of fishing, and in all he does – he is a great inspiration to thousands of young (and old) anglers around him. 

Max, being an avid angler and traveler, understands the benefits anglers can get from the app, and this makes him a great partner for Fiskher.

Gunnar Klingelhof

Gunnar Klingelhof

Gunnar lives in Husum, a small city close to the sea. As an angler, environmental worker, and volunteer fish warden, his eyes are always focused on the water. 

Gunnar fishes all kinds of waters and is sure to be found near any body of water containing fish – in salt or fresh water. His fishing techniques are primarily geared towards spin and fly fishing. Prickly perch, large pikes, and silvery seatrouts are among his absolute favorite fish. Even on vacation, no fishing waters and exotic fish species are safe from him. He has fished numerous waters in Europe and the Caribbean islands. 

Gunnar has been a part of the Fiskher app team since we first started to draw spots in Germany. His positive personality and willingness to work «day and night» to develop the app, have made the transition to make a German version of the app much easier. He has been a part of the whole process, from making fishing spots to translating the app and working with fishing regulations.

Peter Hampe Pike

Peter Hampe

Peter Hampe has a passion for sport fishing and has a unique ability to lure big fish out of the water. From being relatively unknown, Peter has become a familiar face on social media, and become part of Germany’s breed of young and serious «super anglers».

He often fishes with some of Europe’s best fishermen, while the one he prefers to be on the water with, is his fishing fiancé, Kerstin, who also is a part of the Fiskher team. Together they have caught many impressive catches at home and abroad in countries like Sweden, Holland, and Norway.

Peter is a professional angler, sponsored by several major brands in the angling industry, and joined Fiskher because he sees how important the app is for ordinary anglers to find good fishing spots – and not to mention – where it is allowed and not allowed to fish.

Tante Kerstin Perch

Kerstin Hampe

Kerstin Hampe is a unique angler and balances family life and high-level angling perfectly. Together with her fiancé, Peter Hampe, she is part of the Fiskher team, sponsored by several major sport fishing brands, and a female that’s well known for catching big fish!

In a world full of passionate male anglers, some ladies have managed to stand out. Kerstin is one of them. She catches perch, pikes, and zanders which others just dream of, and fishes with the most advanced fishing equipment, from the coolest fishing boats and in the best areas in Germany, Holland, Sweden, and Norway. 

We are so proud to have Tante on our team. She shows every passionate female angler that fish doesn’t care whos holding the rod – and that with the Fiskher app, everybody can start their journey to become better anglers and get more fish.

Daniel Lutze

Daniel Lutze is a German fisherman, living in Norway. He has fished all his life and fell in love with Norway on a holiday as a child. He learned Norwegian in Germany, and in 2010 he moved to his «dream» fishing destination. In Norway, he fishes as often as possible, and he has become an important source of information for many Germans who want to fish in Norway.

In terms of fishing, he is a real all-rounder, who is constantly trying out new techniques for catching fish in the sea, river, and water. This has given him some amazing catches, which he willingly shares in our app, to the great delight of those who follow him.

As one of our most dedicated app users, it was only natural for us to contact Daniel. But, it was when we decided to launch the app in Germany, that his skills really came in handy. With his deep understanding of our app, Norwegian and German culture, and angling in both countries, he has helped us throughout the process and will surely continue to be a valuable fishing personality for app users in the future.