Asgeir Alvestad

Recognized as one of Norway’s most famous and merited anglers, it is co-owner Asgeirs knowledge that is the foundation for the development of fiskher.  

Asgeir is a passionate recreational angler, who at the age of twenty had more than 20.000 fishing hours. At the time being, he has caught over 149 different species in Norwegian waters! About 70 of these were caught in his hometown Lillesand. 

Fun fact: Besides multiple world records, Asgeirs biggest catch is the world’s second heaviest fish caught on a rod, a 1.1-ton Greenland shark caught in the Nedstrandsfjord. His smallest catch is a crystal cuttlefish of 0.5 grams. 

Tommy Egra

Tommy is our Head of The Fishing Department. He is located in Arendal, a coastal beauty in the south of Norway, and he is one of Norways most recognized anglers. His work has helped shaping the modern sport fishing scene in as we know it today.

He has over 30 years of fishing experience, and on the top of this, he is an expert on nautical charts and fish finders.
His knowledge has affected the app immensely, and Tommy has played a big part in discovering the best fishing spots along the coast. His passion for fishing has taken him all over the world, but he still prefers to fish in the Norwegian waters.

Trond Svandal

Trond is our very own tech-guru and co-owner. At Fiskher, we collaborate with institutions that work with research and development work. Artificial intelligence is especially a top priority at fiskher, as this contributed to developing the recognition program for our app. Trond is the man who collaborates with academia and development of the technology behind our services. With his two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree in mathematics, computer science and technology, he is the best man for the job!

Since he caught his first salmon at the age of five, Trond has been an enthusiastic angler. 

Trond Are Gjone

Trond Are is the founder and co-owner of Fiskher. Trond grew up on a farm in Larvik, but now lives in the charming town of Lillesand, and he is our very own expert on anadromous fish species. He founded the app in 2019 and has been working determined towards the launch of the app ever since. 

Though his background is in sports, Trond has worked with developing industries and creating growth in the southern regions of Norway for the last five years.

Kristoffer Broen Berg

Kristoffer is responsible for Digital Marketing & analysis at Fiskher.
He is a capable angler who fell in love with the app even before he started working at Fiskher. We managed to reel in Kristoffer, and now he is back in his hometown Kristiansand, working his dream job.

Kristoffer can’t wait to have more time for his biggest passion – deep water fishing. After spending years working abroad in Italy and on the west coast of Norway, Kristoffer is happy to be back and ready to spread the fishing-gospel.

As a young boy he used to spend his days fishing with his father, filling barrels full of mackerel. This is what sparked his interest in fishing.

Jeanett Brudeseth Bersås cod

Jeanett Brudeseth Bersås

National champion in deep sea fishing and a silver winner in the European Championship in Iceland, easily qualifies Jeanett as a fishing expert. She has also fished alongside some of the best anglers in the country. Jeanett is fascinated by the great diversity of species that exists in Norway.

Despite growing up with a family of anglers, Jeanetts own interest only took off about four years ago, and she has had a steep learning curve since. 

Bilal Alexander Saab

Bilal is our singing fishing guide who is located at Sørøya in the north of Norway where Bilal has been fishing ever since he was a kid. Bilal contributes to the apps northern fishing areas, making great fishing spots available for everyone. He is one of Norway’s best fishing guides and works at the family-owned fishing camp Big Fish Adventure. Bilal has brought valuable knowledge in developing the app.

Bilal experienced overnight fame after he won a Norwegian singing contest called “Stjernekamp” in 2019. His love for singing and fishing has become his brand.