Frank Sjøgreen

Frank is a very well-known angler in Denmark, he is known from magazines, radio, and tv. In addition to his own Youtube channel, Frankfisker, he is often seen on Fangstgaranti. He also takes part in many activities regarding new and upcoming anglers. Both as a guide, doing lectures and teaching children how to fish and being sustainable anglers.

He has been fishing and has kept journals since 1988 of all his catches and weather/water conditions. Frank has always been fascinated by all species of fish, both big and small, as well as all types of fishing, from deep-sea fishing, to coasts, harbors, lakes, rivers, streams, and inlets. 

No task or species is too hard a target – it only makes him more eager. He is known for being in the mindset of “thinking like a fish”.

Lars Juel Hansen

Lars is one of Denmark’s top anglers. A well known, very skilled,  Danish all-in sea run brown-trout (sea trout) flyfisher, certified fishing guide and blogger. Lars likes sharing his fishing knowledge, and “Keep it simple” is his religion.Yearly he catches around 100 to 200 sea trouts in Norhtwest Sealand, Isefjorden and Roskilde Fjord. Besides fishing he helps improve the local streams for the small trouts after spawning.

His sea trout fishing career in Denmark began in 1983. The guide-service after sea trouts started in 2000 and today he has conducted more than 100+ guided trips (private and in groups) with a lot people from many different countries e.g. Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Russia.  

Henrik Breinholdt

Henrik is one of Denmark’s most respected sea trout anglers. He meets more anglers than most, running a fishing equipment store in Odense, combined with angling in his local waters around the legendary island of Fyn. Some would say that Henrik’s love for salmon might be a bit extreme as he travels the world in the hunt for his trophy fish – Resulting in some very impressive catches. 

When spring is on the mend, and the danish salmon rivers open, Henrik is often the «first man casting» and knows the major rivers well. He often travels to Norway and British Colombia, to mention a few, for salmon and steelhead fishing. However, it is classic coastal fishing for sea trout that is his year-round hobby, and few people in the world know Fyn better than him.

Bettina Jørgensen

Bettina, otherwise known as Frøken Torsk, regularly patrols the waters of Lillebælt and does guided tours. 5 years ago she bought her first boat and started fishing. When she caught her first mackerel, the adrenaline got her going and soon enough; she was hooked. Expanding her knowledge for fishing and collecting different species became the goal.

Now Bettina fish sea trout, garfish, and turbot along the coast. By boat, the target species are usually cod, coalfish, mackerel, and various flatfish. Spare time has become a synonym for fishing for Bettina. With trips to the Northern part of Norway, several appearances in Fisk & Fri, and Fiskemagasinet, her passion for fishing is definitely a good match for fiskher®.

Flemming Sønderskov

Flemming is one of Denmark’s most experienced deep-sea anglers. During the past 15 years, he has been fishing both at home and abroad, targeting everything from well-known Danish species like coalfish, cod, and pollack, to more exclusive species in different parts of the world. He has an impressive knowledge base about Danish deep-sea and shore fishing, and although he is not the one who often shows up most in social media, or in magazines with his catches, he has rightfully earned enormous respect among other deep-sea anglers in Scandinavia.

When fishing at sea, it is not all about the gear, you must also know where you are and how to handle the boat in order to land your target species. This is also where Flemming is extremely skilled. He knows exactly how to use chart plotters and echo sounders to both locate the fish and position himself optimally to get the perfect drift for the big fish to bite.

Kristian Hjort Hye

Kristian is a very experienced Danish angler who now lives in Norway. He specializes in sea trout and salmon fishing in both Denmark and Norway, and even if he is most often seen with a flyrod, he handles all styles and fishing techniques. In 1998 he moved to Norway, where he quickly adopted its river fishing for salmon and sea trout fishing along the coast. Several times a year, he returns to Denmark where he, most often with his brother, fishes for sea trout, mackerel, garfish, and salmon.

Living close to our headquarters in Lillesand and having known several of us for many years, his contribution in a trying corona period has been substantial. With his network, local knowledge, and knowledge of the Danish sport fishing culture available “in-house”.