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Working with some of Germany’s best and most experienced anglers, we have compiled and created info to fit all your angling needs.

Using Fiskher you can up your fishing knowledge by getting detailed intel on how to catch a variety of different species. With expert german anglers we have registered and defined more than 5 000 fishing spots along the coast and in 2 000+ waters. Nautical charts and satellite maps within the app guide you to the locations of 12 different species of fish* (With the premium subscription)

List of Species

Free version

  • Mackerel
  • European Perch
  • Common dab
  • Herring
  • European Flounder
  • Seatrout

Premium version exclusively

  • Cod
  • Garfish
  • Pike
  • Plaice
  • Sea bass
  • Zander

With Fiskher premium you gain access to all the species for Germany, and an exclusive contour map layer of depth and bottom conditions for the coast as well as for 2 000 waters. 

Protection zones
In addition the app contains a digital overview of plenty of german protection zones. More will be added continually.

Minimum size
Information regarding minimum size requirements for each relevant species is available in the app. This focus helps protect fish populations by enabling easier access to important information.

Other features

The app comes with various other features as well, including our Fish detection software powered by artificial intelligence. Now with this ground-breaking technology, fish recognition is available for everyone.

Fiskher  has its own social feed where users can share their catches with fellow anglers. It also guides you to where you can buy a fishing license and gives you informative intel on various species.

The app is also available in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. You can read about the app in Denmark here, Sweden here, and in Norway here.

Additional features are available within the app, download it and explore them today!


The premium version is available at 299kr per 3 months or 399kr per year.

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