When we receive inquiries from our users who experience problems with the app, it is often the same problems that recur. Fortunately, they are usually easy to solve. First, try this: Delete the app and download it again. In most cases, this will solve the problem. If this does not work, please look for other solutions below:

If you have made a switch from Apple to Android or vice versa, there is unfortunately nothing we can do.

Why is this? App-developers had to create two different versions – that is, develop their app twice – for the Apple Store and Google Play. We would like to see them cooperate, of course, but that is unfortunately not the case for the time being. If you have changed operating system, you will have to pay for premium again.

If you cannot access the premium version, or if the app is not working as it should, we recommend the following: Delete the app and download it again. This works nine out of ten times. You will have to pay for premium again, but we give you a full refund for the premium you have already paid for. Both Google and Apple have mechanisms that allow them to refund the amount if you pay for the same service more than once.

If you have the any further problems with the app – even without premium, the first piece of advice is always: reinstall the app.

Unfortunately, this happens from time to time. Our detection function has been tested very thoroughly and gives a better result than anything we have compared it to. But some prerequisites must be in place for the program to recognize your fish, no matter what solution you use.

Keep this in mind while taking the picture:

1: Avoid direct sunlight. Place the fish in the shade (you can, for example, try to create a shadow with your own body), and take the picture again.

2: Use a neutral background. The detection function retrieves information from the entire image, and if there are too many elements in the image, they can interfere with the detection analysis.

3: If you try taking a picture of a fish from a magazine, book, or screen, the fish recognition does not work as well as if you take a picture of a fish in real life. This applies to all detection programs and is because the differences between some species are small, and the images may display the fish in a way that makes the analysis incorrect. If you look in the list of suggestions and find the right species among the options, please select and press confirm. This contributes to the machine learning and makes the recognition program even smarter.

Fiskher automatically changes to the language that you have on your phone setting as a default.

The app is currently available in Norwegian, English, Danish and German.

When purchasing the premium plan in the Apple Store or Google Play, you have to cancel your subscription there as well. Read how to cancel an app in Apple here, and how to cancel an app in Google here.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Fiskher uses advanced, technical solutions that require up-to-date software. With iPhone and iPad, we experience that software starting at 13 have problems using our app. Make sure your phone is updated.

We have also experienced the same feedback from some iPhone 7-users. We apologize for this inconvenience. Remember that you can download the app on tablets as well.

We have not received any information on this problem occurring with older versions of Android phones.

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