Jørgen Larsson

As an angler, Jörgen Larsson has been a leading profile in Scandinavia for more than three decades, and he has caught almost anything big with scales and fins. Jörgen has played an important part in introducing modern coarse- and specimen fishing in Scandinavia and during later years he has introduced and developed many new techniques for predator fishing.

Jörgen has been working with video, television, and magazines for many years and has been writing articles from all parts of the globe. For more than 8 years he was Editor in Chief of a leading Scandinavian fishing magazine. Jörgen now works as a freelance journalist and as a consultant for a major manufacturer.  

To Jörgen, planning and perfecting tackle and methods have always been an important part of targeting the biggest specimens. This also makes fiskher® a perfect match and an important tool in his search for success. 

Robert Westin

Robert Westin is a well-known fishing guide throughout Sweden and internationally. He has been guiding in Swedish Lapland and northern Norway 2000. His big interest and expertise in fish- and water issues has resulted in assignments from the Swedish government, the county administrative board, and local municipality. He has been on the national board of the Swedish Angling Association.

The fish research community both in Sweden and Norway has been on the receiving end of his help numerous times. Robert has worked with restoration projects for both lakes and rivers.

With more than 200 fishing days per year, his knowledge of sportfishing and different species of fish has taken him to the world of media which led him to be featured in articles, fishing movies, fishing series, and the radio in Sweden and the rest of the world.

Fun fact: Robert once hooked a salmon that was already filleted.

Markus Lundgren

Markus lives in Kungsbacka on the Swedish west coast and is one of Sweden´s most well-known sea anglers. With his background as an angler and a marine biologist, he has had a focus on the preservation and protection of fish and the marine environment. Through his work, Markus affects fishing and environmental politics in Sweden while promoting angling as the great recreational activity that it is. 

Markus has also authored the popular, in-depth guidebook Havsfiskeboken. His fishing team Isola has won most of the Nordic boat angling tournaments. Markus knows the waters of Skagerrak, Kattegatt and Öresund like the back of his hand. When he isn´t out fishing, he is a regional manager for the Swedish Anglers Association (Sportfiskarna).

Pelle Klippinge

Pelle Klippinge is a legend among salmon and sea trout anglers. Based in Påskallavik, in the southeastern part of Sweden. Here, next to the famous Em river and the Baltic sea, he has been fly fishing for more than 40 years. Pelle wrote his first article about sea trout fishing in 1978. During the years he has authored many articles, mostly in Scandinavia. He has also written ten books about his passion in life; fly fishing for salmon and sea trout wherever they can be found. His first book; ”Em river – with a fly rod along the world’s most famous sea trout water”  is all about his home waters. 

He is a board member of Gustaf Ulfsparres Foundation who, since 1988, works with habitat improvements in the Em river which, in his own words; ”one of the most important tasks one can deal with in life”.

Bo Nettelbladt

Bo Nettelbladt is passionate about developing fly fishing. New tricks and methods, new fish to catch with fly. He has shared this with other fishermen in the Scandinavian fishing press since the beginning of the millennium. fiskher® is perfect for anyone who loves variety in their fishing and wants to find new species to catch, says Bo. 

His home waters are the Swedish east coast around Nyköping and Fårö Gotland. The richness of species on our Scandinavian coasts means that this is where you will most often find him. His favourite species are many, but on the top of the list you will find the Baltic sea trout, the seabass of the Norwegian coast and in freshwater the zander – all on fly.

gösfiske gös zander

Cecilia Grönberg

Cecilia or “Zanderqueen”, is one of Sweden and Europe’s biggest sportfishing profiles. She has devoted herself mainly to zanderfishing (hence the nickname) for the past 14 years, and has landed numerous large zanders. To her name, she has four zanders over the magical 10 kg mark, caught in three different kinds of water. Cecilia also has a passion for pikefishing, having landed a whopping 10 pikes over 10 kg. She was also the first woman to join a sportfishing team, when she joined Catch with Care or “CWC”, 13 years ago.  

Cecilia works as a guide on Sibbofjärden, where people from all over Europe travel to fish with her. She has been fishing since the age of 7 and had her first fishing boat at 10 years old.  In addition to working as a guide, she is also passionate about music. Cecilia is a violinist and works as a violin teacher as well. 

Hannes Bengtsson Abborre

Hannes Bengtsson

Hannes is one of Sweden’s new breed of super-anglers, taking his part in shaping the fishing landscape for the next generation. You can usually find Hannes fishing somewhere in the southeastern part of Sweden. He has become a specialist in catching big perch, but he also has a bunch of different species to his name, caught with a wide variety of techniques. Hannes made a decision to take his angling to the next level, so he attended ForshagaAkademin, a well-known sport fishing academy.

Now Hannes is a known angler, working with many of the biggest brands in the industry, and of course by Fiskher. One of his top qualities is his eagerness to share his passion for sportfishing and inspire fishing joy wherever he travels.