Level up and fish like the professionals with Fishbuddy (by fiskher)

The most complete fishing app has changed its name and got even more technology!

Fishbuddy is packed with new technology. Now you can take a photo of the fish and get species, length, weight, etc. Good information for you, and important for the management of the fish where you fish. That's why we want you to take a photo of every fish you catch. Anonymously, without position, or with full info. Everything happens automatically, as you wish.
We've added new species, we've expanded to more areas and countries.

Now you can follow others, create groups and participate in competitions. Download and try it for yourself!

and satellite maps within the app guide you to 15 species in more then 20 species in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Sweden. Fish species and features differ depending on the country. With Fishbuddy premium, you get access to all the species

Download your new go-to fishing tool today!

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