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Working with some of Scandinavia’s leading and most knowledgeable anglers, we have gathered all the information to meet your angling needs. fiskher® is a great tool for both the more experienced sport angler as well as beginners. With the new fishing app, you can up your game, through detailed information on how to catch a wide variety of species – right to your phone.

Sweden- Released June 1st, 2021
Along with some of Sweden’s top anglers, we have registered more than 15.000 fishing areas along the coast of Sweden as well as in the three largest lakes: Vänern, Vättern, and Mälaren. Nautical charts and satellite maps within the app guide you to the locations of 16 different species of fish* (With the premium version of the app).

Unlike other fishing apps, our fishing spots are not based on crowdsourcing user data. The spots have been drawn by expert anglers, aided by some of the most advanced maps and charts available. Based on their expert knowledge and a number of factors, our spots deliver quality experiences for our users.


●Ballan Wrasse
Common Dab
●Common whitefish (new!)
●Trout (new!)
●Zander/pike-perch (new!)

Premium only
●Atlantic Salmon
European Plaice
Sea Trout

With fiskher® premium, you have access to all the species for Sweden, as well as the hidden gems. Hidden gems are spots that our expert anglers have outlined as especially attractive spots. There is also no banner advertisement inside the app for users with a premium membership.

Protection zones
The app is home to the only digital platform that shows protection zones in Sweden related to angling on a map.

Minimum size
Information regarding minimum size requirements for each relevant species is available in the app. This focus helps protect fish populations by enabling easier access to important information.

Other features
The app comes with various other features as well, including our Fish detection software powered by artificial intelligence. With this groundbreaking technology, fish recognition is now available for everyone.

fiskher® has its own social feed where users can share their catches with fellow anglers. The fishing app also gives you informative intel on various species, in addition to your very own in-app catch journal.

If you want to read some testimonials from our experts or see some of the catches from our users, then check out our Facebook and Instagram.

More features are available within the app, download it and explore them today! 

The premium version is available for 299kr per 3 months, or 399kr per year.

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