Introducing: The Fiskher gift card

Many of you have asked, and – just in time for Christmas – we’re happy to introduce the Fiskher gift card!

Share the joy of fishing with a gift card from Fiskher. Let your friends bring a professional guide on their next fishing trip, along with a set of advanced nautical charts and satellite maps. In the Fiskher app, you’ll get all this. We have gathered the experience of some of Scandinavias best fishermen and women, who tell you where to go fishing what, and how – in Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

The app is a complete fishing tool, essential for anybody with a rod in their hands, from amateurs to professional anglers. Downloaded by 340.000 since the launch in 2020.

To buy a gift card, simply download the app (for free), in AppStore or Google Play. (You’ll find it in the app menu, bottom right). Remember to register with an email adress, and choose between one year (249 NOK) or three months (149 NOK) of Fiskher premium.